Real estate, planning and construction

Your real estate project faces changing market conditions or changed planning authorisations and it is assumed that you take the interests of the public into account. You have several financing proposals on the table but you have no idea which one would meet your needs. A lease agreement that is vital for your company needs to be signed or amended. Real estate and construction projects often bring together many demanding parties who frequently are not able to reach consensus and negotiations lead to disputes. You wish that, already at the start of the project, you would receive legal advice that would be combined with sector-specific knowledge. Any solution that is offered should be based on your interests.

Our attorneys have long term experience and specific knowledge of the real estate sector. We have advised clients in all main legal aspects related to real estate. For example, we have drafted standard contracts for many construction and real estate companies, we have drafted and negotiated procurement and lease agreements and have participated as experts and mediators in settlement of disputes that have arisen from real estate related contracts.

  • Transactions with real estate
  • Encumbrance of real estate with building rights, real servitude or real encumbrance
  • Lease, rent, sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Mortgages and other securities and realization of securities
  • Audit of real estate and real estate companies
  • Development and administration of real estate
  • Planning and construction
  • Public procurements, public offerings and consortiums
  • Registrations and licenses
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Analysis of legal acts (including draft acts) and practice
  • Legal analysis
  • Seminars
  • Dispute resolution, including representation in administrative and civil proceedings