Drafting and negotiation of agreements

Contracts are the centrepiece of your daily business activities. You need to sign a contract with a supplier, service provider, employee, financial institution… You wish that the contracts would be based on the interests of your company and would not lead to disputes. When entering into a contract, negotiations play a crucial part. You must know what is important for your company and where is the point to which it is possible to compromise without endangering the outcome. Clear and thoroughly discussed contracts are the most effective way to prevent problems and hedge potential risks. A proper contract guarantees the results and reduces disputes. Your company needs someone who has thorough knowledge of the relevant economic sector, who has strong negotiation skills and experience and who is fully dedicated to prevention of potential hazards.

Our focus is on your business. The long term experience of the attorneys of Jesse & Kalaus covers all the aspects of drafting and negotiation of contracts. We help you to draft and negotiate contracts and to solve the problems that may arise during the performance of a contract.

  • Precontractual negotiations, letter of intent, parties rights and obligations in negotiation process
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements
  • Performance and securities, including realization of securities
  • Contractual liability and remedies
  • Sales agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Distribution and agency agreements
  • Lease, rent and other usage agreements
  • Insurance and financing agreements
  • Standard terms
  • Trade related activities, including registrations, language requirements, standard terms, consumer protection, personal data protection, product liability, media and advertising
  • Non-contractual claims
  • Analysis of legal acts (including draft acts) and practice
  • Legal analysis
  • Seminars
  • Dispute resolution, including conciliation, and representation in court