Media and communication

In information society, information published in different mediums has great weight. Information presenting a person in bad light, even if it is false, may mean irreversible reputational damage. In light of this, false factual arguments and inappropriate value judgements require fast and due reaction from the person subject to claims. Meanwhile, to mitigate subsequent legal risks, media outlets have to weigh borderline cases very carefully in advance.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for persons constantly in the spotlight of media as well as for persons who get into it by chance, to receive timely and high-quality legal advice, to reduce the negative consequences of false, misleading or defametory pronouncement or portrayal. Preventive, but also dispute resolution related legal advice is needed by media outlets, too.

Jesse & Kalaus’ attorneys advise and represent you in all matters related to media and communication, helping you to find solutions in accordance with the law and judicial practice. We help companies and private persons to protect their rights when information infringing their rights has been published. We also stand for freedom of speech and journalism in order to ensure that media outlets have the possibility to fulfil their role in the society without being interfered by unfounded claims.

  • Conducting legal analyses
  • Representation in court and extra-judicially
  • Drafting claims