Intellectual property

In modern world, every entrepreneur faces intellectual property related questions. People involved in one’s company’s activities create works protected by copyright every day (writings, computer programs, photos/videos etc.), trade marks are used in order to promote the sale of goods or services, in the course of work, industrial designs or inventions may be created etc. Moreover, persons participating in business activities generally have business secrets and confidential know-how, disclosure of which to competitors would mean serious damage.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for any entrepreneur to keep its intellectual property protected. This task requires attention already from the very first steps of making business, because of which success in the future is based on drafting solid agreements, getting necessary registrations and setting an intellectual property strategy that considers all relevant risks. However, should it come to a dispute, it is vital that you are counselled by an attorney, who understands intellectual property law in depth and can stand for your interest the best way possible.

Jesse & Kalaus’ attorneys offer high-level legal advice in relation to all intellectual property matters. We draft the necessary agreements (non-disclosure, employment, license agreements etc.), help with registering industrial property (trade marks, designs, inventions) and upon dispute arising, we represent you both in court and extra-judicially.

  • Drafting various agreements
  • Advising in and assisting with registering trade mark, geographical indications, designs and inventions (patent, utility model)
  • Counselling in relation to and assisting with registering domain names
  • Administrating domain names
  • Conducting legal analyses
  • Representation in court and in extra-judicial disputes
  • Mapping company’s intellectual property and taking complete measures to ensure maximisation of its protection level
  • Trainings