Energy, infrastructures and communications

When your company is active in the field of energy, infrastructure or electronic communications, you are aware of the changes these sectors constantly need to keep up with.

The importance of these sectors for the population, the aggressive technological development and constantly changing competitive environment lead to complex regulations that keep changing and getting more extensive. To ensure the competitiveness of your business, you need to deal with these regulations on a daily basis.

In addition to the Estonian rules you must also consider the requirements stemming from EU law and the practice of other jurisdictions. You need a competent legal adviser with innovative approach. You need someone who understands the legal rules as well as the specific nature of your business and the sector that you are active in.

Regardless of the size and the sector of your company, we will assess the sector-specific situation and design the solution that is innovative and based on your needs.
The extensive experience of our attorneys in these sectors and our wide network of contacts enable us to advise both domestic and international projects. In addition to daily issues, we support our clients in matters that need more specific approach.

  • Pricing of goods and services
  • Issues related to licences and permits (activity licences, water permits, frequency permits, etc)
  • Approval of activities and prices with authorities
  • Rules related to undertakings with significant market power
  • Legal analysis
  • Seminars
  • Relationships with and proceedings related to the authorities (the Estonian Competition Authority, the Technical Regulatory Authority, the European Commission, etc)
  • Dispute resolution, including representation in civil, administrative, misdemeanour and criminal proceedings