Dispute resolution

You are facing a situation, where dissensions with the other party have not found solution through negotiations? You have reached a dead end, but you don’t know, how to resolve the dispute in a manner that is best for you and entails costs as low as possible?

You need a determined attorney as your representative, who assesses your position realistically and offers the best possible solutions, be it in the form of litigation or some alternative way, e.g. arbitration or conciliation. It is vitally important for you to be advised by an attorney who resolutely carries out the strategy agreed upon, at the same time minimising the effect of the dispute to your daily activities.

With Jesse & Kalaus’ attorneys, we find out the core of the problem you are facing, offer solutions considering your best interests and take care that the dispute is resolved in a way suitable for you.

Based on our long-term experience, we also make sure that in the early stages of a dispute, when it is still possible to avoid tiresome legal proceedings, the parties of the dispute would find a compromise.

  • Representation in court and in extra-judicial organs (e.g. Labour Dispute Committe, Consumer Disputes Committee) in civil, administrative as well as criminal and misdemeanour matters
  • Representation in arbitration courts and in other alternative procedures for resolving disputes (conciliation etc.)
  • Representation in extra-judicial communications (submitting claims, compromises etc.)
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings