Competition law and state aid

Competition rules become more complex day-by-day. The consequences of possible errors (fines, nullity of transactions, unwanted attention of the public) have a broader negative impact on the business than any entrepreneur could expect.

You realise that for the business to be successful it is necessary to be aware of all the rules and to implement them correctly. To remain competitive You need to know how to make the legal requirements to work for your advantage.

Competition rules are not to be afraid of – they can be used as a shield and a sword. This can be ensured by a professionally implemented competition law compliance programme that includes analysis, guidelines and periodical trainings.

You need someone who constantly seeks solutions for your problems and opportunities to achieve your objectives, has innovative approach and, based on experience and knowledge, can seamlessly navigate through complex competition rules.

Recently, lots of issues related to state aid have come to the attention of the public. You might be involved in distributing or granting subsidies – without knowing and considering the EU rules, the outcome can have negative impact on all parties involved.

Regardless of the complexity of your problem, Jesse & Kalaus Attorneys will shape the solution that is based on your needs and decreases the risks related to competition matters in a way that the competitiveness of your company would not suffer.

Our lawyers have advised and represented private and public sector clients in all competition law issues, including transactions, merger control in domestic and international markets, risk assessments, relations with the Estonian Competition Authority and the European Commission, state aid and litigations, including representing in civil, administrative, misdemeanour and criminal proceedings.

  • Anti-competitive agreements
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Merger control (both in Estonia and cross-border, including at the European Commission)
  • State aid
  • Transactional advice
  • Legal analysis, competition law audits
  • Drafting of guidelines
  • Seminars
  • Competition law compliance programs (including audit, guidelines, training)
  • Relationships with and proceedings related to the Estonian Competition Authority and the European Commission (including representation at dawn-raids)
  • Dispute resolution, including representation in civil, administrative, misdemeanour and criminal proceedings