Banking and finance

You need competent advice to make the right decision regarding a loan, project financing, bonds issue or other relevant questions in the field on banking and finance. Practical, constructive and focused approach is what you seek.

From our long term experience we detect and understand all complex aspects of financial transactions. We have advised clients in regulatory matters and issues related to restructuring as well as in complex sector-specific disputes and proceedings, including administrative and misdemeanour proceedings.

  • Loans, share and bond issues and other possibilities for funding business activities
  • Listing of shares and bonds
  • Leasing and factoring
  • Project financing
  • Crowdfinancing projects
  • Transactional advice
  • Structuring of financial transactions
  • Advice related to capital markets (including stock exchange rules, inside information, notification of transactions)
  • Issues related to credit institutions, financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies and other regulated entities
  • Drafting of model agreements, documents and guidelines
  • Seminars
  • Relationships with and proceedings related to the supervisory authorities (the Financial Supervision Authority, Eesti Pank, etc)
  • Dispute resolution, including representation in civil, administrative, misdemeanour and criminal proceedings